Thaxted Twinning Association | Bienvenue! |

Thaxted has been linked to the French town of Saint-Vrain, just south of Paris, for over 10 years now.

The Twinning Association exists to promote friendship and cultural understanding and to foster an ongoing relationship with Saint-Vrain and its people.

Quizzes, dinners, BBQ’s, bowling, horse-racing nights and even wine tasting (naturellement!) are on the cards throughout the year, which all serve to prepare the palette for the pièce de résistance exchange visits during the summer.

During these visits we have social get-togethers, trips out to see the surrounding area and visit historic places.

Many of our members make private visits to France and stay with the friends they have made through twinning. There is also a good deal of regular contact by emails, phone calls, social media and good old-fashioned letters.

In fact, the Twinning Association is perfect for families to get involved in. Bring a new depth of experience to your holiday time and perfect those language skills in a real environment – ideal for GCSE, A-level or Uni students.

So, if you’re an obsessive Francophile, are learning French at school

or college or simply can’t get enough of croissants, come and join the Thaxted Twinning Association – c’est magnifique!

Please note, you do not have to be a French speaker to join us (many of our members will confess to this!).

You do not have to join in with any trip or activity which doesn't suit you and you do not have to act as a host to French families if you are unable to do so.